TwistedSNMP: SNMP Protocol implementation for Twisted Matrix
SNMP defines two major roles for computer systems:
        Agents -- computers which respond to SNMP requests, the
                "server" in a classic client-server model
        Managers -- computers which request information via SNMP,
                the "client" in a classic client-server model
TwistedSNMP provides a primarily manager-side implementation,
with enough agent-side implementation to allow for easy testing
of the manager-side implementation.
There are at least two levels on each side of the implementation:
        protocol -- very low level mechanism for transmitting and
                dispatching messages
        Agent/AgentProxy -- objects providing simple APIs for
                writing applications using SNMP
with the Agent side also having an "OIDStore" layer which
provides for storage and retrieval of ordered OID sets for
querying via the Agent object.
TwistedSNMP is built on top of the PySNMP pure-Python SNMP
package, which provides the message formatting and decoding
operations required for communication.

Package Contents
        __init__ -- TwistedSNMP: SNMP Protocol implementation for Twisted Matrix
agent -- SNMP Logic for Agent(Server)-side implementations
agentprotocol -- Protocol implementation for Agent/Manager-side API
agentproxy -- Client/manager side object for querying Agent via SNMPProtocol
bisectoidstore -- In-memory OIDStore based on the standard bisect module
bsdoidstore -- BSDDB BTree-based Shelve OID Storage
datatypes -- Hack around PySNMP lack of generic types
errors -- Errors specific to TwistedSNMP
logs -- Logging facilities for TwistedSNMP
massretriever -- Utility mechanism to retrieve OIDs/tables from large numbers of agents
oidstore -- Abstract interface for OID Storage objects
oidstub -- Stand-in module for those without the speed-enhanced tuple-OID implementation
pysnmpproto -- Create single import location for v2c and v1 protocols
setup -- Installs twistedsnmp using distutils
snmpprotocol -- SNMP Protocol for Twisted
tableretriever -- Helper object for the AgentProxy object
test (package) -- Test suite for TwistedSNMP project
twinetables -- Convert indexed tabular sets into convenient format
utilities (package) -- Utility scripts for twistedsnmp
v3 (package)
v4 (package)
version -- Module for holding version string in introspectable location

        __path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/twistedsnmp']